How It Works


The concept behind The Cube is to spark creativity in everyone!


The Cube was created by artist Mia McGregor, who aims for this to be an inclusive and fun creative project for all ages and abilities to take part in. With a goal to share experiences, interact with people and spark creativity, The Cube comes in all different sizes depending on your wants and needs.  


Events, festivals and businesses are able to host large Cubes for collaborative group work, while those wanting to participate in The Cube from their home can order small paper Cubes that are delivered straight to their door. 


With such amazing feedback from previous events, The Cube continues to grow. Check out the upcoming events that The Cube has in store.


For those taking part, The Cube also hosts its very own online digital library where participants have the chance to feature their art online. It is hoped that by sharing peoples artwork, The Cube can continue to spark creativity and encourage more people to get involved.


Mia has previously travelled to 3 different countries getting people from across the world involved in The Cube.  Not only does The Cube continue to be a busy and fun platform that is spreading worldwide, Mia has also been able to use peoples participation to raise money for Charity through the creation of artistic books.


Our Cube packs are 100% free, we simply ask that you just pay shipping so that we can:

  • Continue to provide paper cubes to other people
  • Continue supporting creativity, mental health, inclusion, community and the well-being of other people
  • Support local charities and food banks when possible
  • Continue this project, which has been built for the people
  • Allow us to continue attending events with our team of volunteers


The cube has never been funded by grants or art funding programmes.