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Be Part Of Something Incredible

The Cube will eventually be the world’s largest participatory artwork


A Worldwide Creative Project

The concept behind the cube is to spark creativity in everyone of all ages and abilities, no matter where you are in the world. Put simply, this art project gives people the opportunity to get as creative as they like, and turn a plain Cube into a work of art. Your designs can be as crazy or as simple as you like!


The Cube comes in lots of different sizes to suit various needs, from large wooden cubes for festivals and events, to small paper cubes that are sent to homes and workplaces all over the world!


By ordering a Cube, you are doing all of the below:

  • Supporting creativity, mental health, inclusion, community and the well-being of other people
  • Supporting local charities and food banks when possible
  • Continue this project, which has been built for the people
  • Allowing us to continue attending events with our team of volunteers


The cube has never been funded by grants or art funding programmes.